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Film & Video

Librarian for Film, Video & Digital Media

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Danette Pachtner
My location:
Call me: 919.660.5886
Lilly Library
Room 108
East Campus
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My areas:
Film, Video & Digital Media; Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies; Theater Studies

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New Films

You can browse recently added films to our collection from Lilly's homepage. For maximum browse-ability, regularly peruse our list of newly acquired films here


devilDVDs are a browseable collection of recently released films and television series. 

Find the title you want on the spinning rack in Lilly Library's lobby, bring the empty dvd case to the public services desk, and staff will get you your devilDVD. Get a one-time renewal online via your library account!

Suggestion new titles to us in person or on Lilly's Facebook page.