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ECON 495S/496S: Honors Seminars I & II: Getting Started

Profs. Connoly and Kimbrough

Choose a Topic

  • Examples of past Economics Honors Theses can provide some ideas for topics that you might want to pursue.
  • The JEL Classification Codes provide an outline of subjects in economics. You can drill down from a broad to a narrower topic to get ideas for a theses topic. The Journal of Economic Literature Literature (JEL) organizes its reviewed articles using this system, and these descriptors are assigned to articles and books indexed in EconLit.
  • North-Holland Handbooks in Economics include over 35 titles, each focusing on a broad area of economics and with many in-depth survey articles.
  • Recent NBER Working Papers can be a good way to browse current research. The "Bibliographic Search" box searches words in titles, and the "Full Text Search" looks for terms in the entire paper (good if your term is not so common or is a narrow subject).

Key Literature Indexes and Collections

Selected Data Sources

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Stata Resources

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Obtaining Stata

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Library Services

Students graduating with distinction (writing a senior honors thesis) have many graduate level library privileges.