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DKU Data and Visualization Resources: Getting Started

One-stop resources for data and visualization needs of the DKU Community


Data and Visualization Sources, Tools, and Resources

This site is here to help you maximize you access to the data and visualization resources you need to succeed in your data-related teaching, learning, or research. Please explore the data sources and tools in the menu on the left, and do not hesitate to contact DKU Data and Visualization Services Librarian, Scott Mauldin, with any questions or requests.

Chart of various kinds of data visualizations

What Tools and Resources Do I Have Access To?

There are two broad sources of data and visualization tools. One group is freely available to anyone, regardless of your affiliation with DKU. The other group is licensed to the DKU community. Do note that while paid tools are often more powerful and have better support, you may lose your free access to them after losing DKU affiliation, and may need to have a basic competency in the free options.

Free Data and Visualization Tools Available to Anyone

Some of the most popular data and visualization platforms are available for free to anyone:

Data and Visualization Tools Available for DKU Students, Faculty, and Staff

DKU Students, Faculty, and Staff have access to a wide variety of free tools and services, including:

More resources are available in the Data and Visualization Resources page of this guide.

To learn how to make the most of these resources, considering watching tutorial videos such as those here.

Looking for datasets on which to practice your skills or do research and analysis? Consult the list of data sources .