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ASERL Centers for Excellence at Duke University: Women's Bureau

Information related to collections developed as part of Duke's participation in the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries' (ASERL) Collaborative Federal Depository Program (CFDP)

About the Women's Bureau

The Women's Bureau was founded in 1920 as part of the Department of Labor. It is classified under SuDoc numbers L13 (1920-1971) and L36.100 (1971-present). The following information comes from the Women's Bureau About Page

"Our Mission

Women in the workforce are vital to the nation's economic security. The Women's Bureau develops policies and standards and conducts inquiries to safeguard the interests of working women; to advocate for their equality and economic security for themselves and their families; and to promote quality work environments.

Our History

The Women's Bureau was established in the Department of Labor by Public Law No. 259 of June 5, 1920. The law gave the Bureau the duty to “formulate standards and policies which shall promote the welfare of wage-earning women, improve their working conditions, increase their efficiency, and advance their opportunities for profitable employment.” It also gave the Bureau the authority to investigate and report to the U.S. Department of Labor upon all matters pertaining to the welfare of women in industry. It is the only federal agency mandated to represent the needs of wage-earning women in the public policy process."

History of the Women's  Bureau  from the Department of Labor

Staff Picks from the St Louis Federal Reserve Bank:  The Women's Bureau



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