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Legacy of SNCC Collections in the Rubenstein Library: Printed Materials

Sources documenting the history of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee

Drum and Spear Publications

Drum and Spear was a bookstore founded by SNCC activists in 1968. Located in Washington DC, it was one of the largest black bookstores in the country. Drum and Spear would later establish a store in Dar es Salam, Tanzania In addition to publishing and printing it's own books

Center for Black Education. The Struggle for Black Education. Washington, DC.: Drum and Spear Press, Inc. 1972

Drum and Spear Bookstore catalogue 3, 1971. Washington, D.C. : Drum and Spear Press, Inc., 1970

James, C.L.R. A History of Pan-African Revolt. Washington, DC: Drum and Spear Press, Inc. 1969

Muganda, Bernard K. Speaking Swahili; a grammar and reader. Kusema KiSwahili. Washington, DC: Drum and Spear Press, Inc. 1970


What Happened to Black Bookstores? – Black Leadership Analysis





Books by SNCC Veterans

Al-Amin, Jamil. Die, Nigger Die! New York, Dial Press, 1969

Carmichael, Stokely. What we want. San Jose, Calif. : Santa Clara County Friends of SNCC, 1966

Carson, Claybourne. In Struggle: SNCC and the Black awakening of the 1960sCambridge, Massachusetts and London, England : Harvard University Press, 1981

Cobb, Charles Jr. Furrows. Tugaloo, Miss.: Flute Publications, 1967

Forman, James. Text of Keynote Speech Delivered by Brother James Forman at the Western Regional Black Youth Conference Held in Los Angeles, California on November 23, 1967.

Forman, James. United States, 1967: High Tide of Resistance. Chicago : Students for a Democratic Society, 1969

King, Mary E. Freedom Song: A Personal Story of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement. New York : William Morrow and Company, Inc., 1987

Lewis, John. Walking with the Wind: A Memoir of the MovementNew York, NY : Simon & Schuster, c1998

Sellers, Cleveland. The river of no return; the autobiography of a Black militant and the life and death of SNCC. New York, Morrow, 1973

Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. Freedom School Poetry. Atlanta, 1965