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Arabic Literature - الأدب العربي: Arabic Literature: History & Criticism

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Selected Histories & Studies

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Table of Contents: Introduction: religion, politics, and literature in the Francophone Arab world. The Arab-Israeli Conflict: Amin Maalouf's Les Croisades vues par les Arabes and Les échelles du Levant, Myriam Antaki's Les versets du pardon -- The Arab-Israeli Conflict beyond the Middle East: Albert Memmi, Edmond Amran El Maleh, Farid Boudjellal, and Karin Albou -- The Lebanese Civil War: Andrée Chédid's La maison sans racines and Evelyne Accad's L'excisée -- The Algerian Civil War: Rachid Boudjedra's Le FIS de la haine, Rachid Mimouni's De la barbarie en général et de l'intégrisme en particulier, and Une enfance algérienne -- Islam and the French Republic: the affair of the Muslim headscarf in works by Tahar Ben Jelloun, Abdelwahab Meddeb, Amin Maalouf, Albert Memmi, Leïla Sebbar, and Yamina Benguigui -- Portrait of a terrorist: Slimane Benaïssa and Salim Bachi's 9/11 novels -- Conclusion: the politics of translation: Francophone literature from the Arab World in the U.S.
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Table of Contents: Introduction: is there an Islamic context for the Thousand and one nights? -- The Islamic factor in global times -- The unifying Islamic factor -- The age of Muslim empire and the burgeoning of a text -- The changing order: the role of the public in the Thousand and one nights -- Nonreligious displacements in popular tradition -- The public role in Islamic narrative theorizations -- Scheherazade's nonverbal narratives in religious contexts -- Conclusions.
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Table of Contents: The background -- The revival -- Neo-classical poetry -- Romanticism in Arabic poetry -- Poetry: the modernists -- Prose literature: early developments -- Prose literature: the period of maturity -- The sixties generation and beyond -- Drama: early experiments -- Drama: the period of maturity.
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