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African American Manuscripts - Colonial and Antebellum Eras

Rubenstein Library collections related to African American History from the Colonial and Antebellum eras

Broadsides in the Rubenstein Library

Broadsides are ephemeral in nature but can often provide unique snapshots into the lives of enslaved people. These documents were often publicly displayed or circulated and the Rubenstein Library has a number of broadsides from the 17-19th centuries. One will find instances of slave sales and auctions, runaway notifications, estate inventories, manumission records, and occasionally illustrations. There are also many broadsides that highlight the anti-slavery movement, abolitionist meetings, and creative writing speaking out against slavery. However, these documents are not always individually cataloged with full descriptions, and there is a subsection that only organized by state.

Slavery Broadsides in Digital Collections

The Duke Digital Repository contains collections materials that have been digitized by the Duke University Libraries. These materials are accessible here. There are a few search terms that might be helpful in browsing and identifying items for research.

Search term - "Slavery"

Search term - "Anti-Slavery"

Search term - "Abolition"