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Women and Advertising: Women in Advertising

Information about advertising and gender contained throughout many of our collections

Career Papers of Women in Advertising

Career Papers of Women in Design and Illustration

Career Papers of Women in Public Relations

Biographies of Women at the J. Walter Thompson Company

Print Materials - Autobiographies

Print Materials - Prescriptive Literature

"Prescriptive literature" refers to books, pamphlets, or manuals that present advice or instruction in some way. These rare books held by our libraries offered advice for women seeking to break into the advertising business.

Print Materials - Fiction

The following rare books present fictional accounts of women in advertising in the twentieth century.

Rena Bartos published The Moving Target: What Every Marketer Should Know About Women in 1974.

Helen Landsdowne Resor

Helen Landsdown Resor (1886-1964) ran J. Walter Thompson alongside her husband in the early 20th century. She is famous for her 1910 Woodbury Soap ad campaign ("the skin you love to touch") which is credited as the first campaign to rely on sex appeal to sell products. She and her husband were both inducted into the Advertising Hall of Fame. 

Photo credit: JWT