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World War II & Advertising: Print Collections

Information on advertising during World War II

Published Works in the Library

There are numerous publications related to World War II and marketing. A few of these are listed below. A catalog search on terms World War and Advertis* and Hartman Center will provide additional returns.

Fulton, Kerwin H. Outdoor Advertising: A Channel of Communication in the War Effort. Chicago? IL: Outdoor Advertising Association of America, 1943. E Pam #7364

National Industrial Advertising Association. Manual of war winning ideas: compiled for NIAA's victory promotions plan by the editors of Factory Management & Maintenance. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1942. E q#1990

Opie, Robert. The Wartime Scrapbook: From Blitz to Victory 1939-1945. London: New Cavendish, 1995. (located off-site: LSC)