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Middle East Maps & Atlases: Select Bibliography: ME Cartography

Select Bibliography: ME Cartography

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Table of Contents: Foreword / Lorenz Hurni -- Preface : what is a map? / Valerie Hansen -- Introduction / Philippe Forêt and Andreas Kaplony -- Traces of the Silk Road in Han-Dynasty iconography : questions and hypotheses / Nicolas Zufferey -- Visualizing pilgrimage and mapping experience : Mount Wutai on the Silk Road / Natasha Heller -- The mapping of sacred space : images of Buddhist cosmographies in medieval China / Dorothy C. Wong -- Lost in translation : gridded plans and maps along the Silk Road / Jonathan M. Bloom -- Square horoscope diagrams in Middle Eastern astrology and Chinese cosmological diagrams : were these designs transmitted through the Silk Road? / Johannes Thomann -- The intrusion of East Asian imagery in thirteenth-century Armenia : political and cultural exchange along the Silk Road / Dickran Kouymjian -- Comparing al-Kāshgharī's map to his text : on the visual language, purpose, and transmission of Arabic-Islamic maps / Andreas Kaplony -- The Book of curiositie! s : a medieval Islamic view of the East / Yossef Rapoport -- Celestial maps and illustrations in Arabic-Islamic astronomy / Paul Kunitzsch -- Revisiting Catalan portolan charts : do they contain elements of Asian provenance? / Sonja Brentjes -- Conclusion / Philippe Forêt and Andreas Kaplony -- Appendix. List of geographical nomenclature in al-Kāshgharī's text and map / Andreas Kaplony.
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Table of Contents: v. 1. Cartography in prehistoric, ancient, and medieval Europe and the Mediterranean. -- v. 2. bk. 1. Cartography in the traditional Islamic and South Asian societies. bk. 2. Cartography in the traditional East and Southeast Asian societies. bk. 3. Cartography in the traditional African, American, Arctic, Australian, and Pacific societies.
Kâtip Çelebi, 1609-1657.
İstanbul: İstanbul Büyükşehir Kültür A.Ş. Yayınları, 2010.
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Table of Contents: pt. 1. Fact, fiqh, and the Qibla. A question of fact -- The Azhar Fatwa -- pt. 2. Answers to difficulties. The Qiblas of the Sahaba -- Mecca and the Mercator projection -- The shortest distance -- A tunnel through the earth -- Considering the earth legally flat -- The stars and the Qibla -- Fuqaha and engineers -- Instruments and sacred law -- The exact direction -- The traditional direction of mosques -- The four directions of the world -- pt. 3. Muslim unity. Port in a storm -- Appendices. Cited Arabic texts -- The Azhar Fatwa in Arabic -- Other Fatwa questions -- Map projections -- Works and documents cited.
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Table of Contents: Introduction -- From imperial encounter to maritime trade : Chinese understanding of the Islamic world, 750-1260 -- The representation of China and the world : Islamic knowledge about China, 750-1260 -- Interpreting the Mongol world : Chinese understanding of the Islamic world, 1260-1368 -- Beyond Marco Polo : Islamic knowledge about China, 1260-1368 -- Legacy from half the globe before 1492 : Chinese understanding of the Islamic world and Islamic knowledge about China, 1368-1500 -- Conclusion : lessons from premodern Sino-Islamic contact.
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Table of Contents: 1. Kitaplar-Tezler (1800-2000) -- 2. Makaleler-Bildiriler (1924-2000).
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Table of Contents: The expression of terrestrial and celestial order in ancient Mesopotamia by / Francesca Rochberg -- From topography to cosmos: ancient Egypt's multiple maps / by David O'Connor -- Mapping the world: Greek initiatives from Homer to Eratosthenes / by Georgia L. Irby -- Ptolemy's geography: mapmaking and the scientific enterprise / by Alexander Jones -- Greek and Roman surveying and surveying instruments / by Michael Lewis -- Urbs Roma to orbis romanus: Roman mapping on the grand scale / by Richard J.A. Talbert -- Putting the world in order: mapping in Roman texts / by Benet Salway.
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Table of Contents: Introduction : Theater of the world -- Prologue -- [pt. 1]. The Mediterranean world -- The Babylonians -- The Egyptians -- The Greeks -- The Etruscans -- The Romans -- The Islamic world -- The Hold land -- The Mediterranean Sea -- [pt. 2]. The three-part world -- Asia -- Africa -- Europe -- [pt. 3]. The fourth part : The Americas -- Latin America -- Anglo America -- [pt. 4]. The fifth part : Oceania and Antarctica -- Oceania -- Antarctica -- Epilogue : The unseen cultural world -- Afterword -- Acknowledgments -- Cartobibliography -- Index.
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