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European Union


Justice and Consumers (European Commission)

This site provides information of EU interactions and programs with consumer NGOs.

Consultation - The European Commission and Civil Society (CONECCS)

The database for Consultation, the European Commission and Civil Society (CONECCS) is part of the Commission's commitment to provide better information about its consultation processes. Here you can find information about the Commission's formal or structured consultative bodies, in which civil society organizations participate.
You can also search a directory of non-profit making civil society organizations organized at European level. The directory is established on a voluntary basis and it is intended only for information. Inclusion in the directory does not constitute any recognition on the part of the Commission.

The NGO Discussion Paper

The Commission adopted the Discussion Paper "The Commission and NGOs : building a stronger partnership" on 18 January 2000 (COM (2000) 11). On this website you can find the Discussion Paper and comments received, which were useful in further development of the Commission's relations with NGOs. In December 2002, the Commission adopted a Communication "General principles and minimum standards for consultation of interested parties", which sets up a coherent and flexible framework for consultation of stakeholders, including NGOs.

The European Commission and Civil Society

This site provides information on the dialogue and consultations of the Commission with civil society.