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Grad Student Guide to Technology: Cloud & File Storage

Cloud & File Storage Comparison






Cost + registration

5GB Free
Create an account
2GB Free
Create an account
7GB Free:
Create an account
5GB Free

5GB Free

Access account

Pros Integrates well with Google accounts. Easy to use; widespread. Works well with MS Office files. File type & size restrictions. Secure; OIT-supported.
Cons Occasional security issues.
Occasional security issues; smallest amount of GBs. No Mac client.  Compatible with PCs, but intended for iOS/Macs.
Sharing among Duke users only.
Sharing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes (with Duke users only).
Help Guide to using Google Drive Dropbox Help Center  Skydrive Help & How-To Set-up & How-To Guide to using Webfiles

Collaboration and Sharing