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PUBPOL 807: MPP Master's Projects: Data

resources for thorough literature reviews

First Stops

Finding Statistics (Michigan State) - excellent overview outlining strategies for locating datasets and statistical facts.

Data and Statistics Research Guides (Michigan State) - collection of datasets organized by academic field.  Many are only available to MSU students, but search our site to see if we do as well.

Data and Visualization Services Data Collections (Duke) - A combined list of licensed and linked datasets and data collections.

Useful Data Sources and Finding Aids


  • Census Data and Mapping Resources - A comparison of licensed census data and mapping services.
  • - data collections generated by the Executive Branch of the Federal Government
  • Fedstats - A convenient index of data/statistical collections at over 100 US Federal Government Agencies.
  • FRED - 41,000 Time Series covering a diverse range of economic, demographic, social indicators from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.
  • IPUMS CPS - The IPUMS-CPS site provides harmonized data and extensive documentation on changes in the Current Population Survey over time.
  • IPUMS USA - The IPUMS-USA provides harmonized microdata from the US Census.
  • Paul Hensel's International Relations Data Site
  • Quality of Government (QoG) Data -  A collection of data sets covering economic, political, and social issues related to the quality of government.
  • WHO Global Health Observatory - Data on health topics around the world.

Top Data Archives

Top GIS Resources