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Digital Humanities @ Duke University Libraries

Find Library Spaces

Find Library Spaces is a directory of spaces across Duke Libraries. The description of the space includes information about furniture arrangements, computing, and how to reserve a room.

Brandaleone Lab for Data and Visualization Services provides research computing for projects involving data analytics, data visualization, digital mapping and statistics, and is open nearly 24/7 for the Duke community.

The Edge: The Ruppert Commons for Research, Technology, and Collaboration brings together resources and expertise to help Duke researchers innovate, in a space that invites discovery, experimenting, and collaboration. The Edge is equipped with tools and workspaces for digital scholarship, reservable rooms for project teams, expanded technology and training facilities, and programming that encourages connection among the disciplines.

Multimedia Project Studio (MPS) is a computer lab specializing in tools for the production of multimedia and graphic content open to Duke students, faculty and staff. MPS has specially trained student staff who provide walk-in support for multimedia projects and also offers 1-on-1 training appointments with TechTutors.

  • The Spark is a blog curated by the students and staff of the Multimedia Project Studio (MPS) at Duke. The Spark is a resource for helpful tips, tutorials, specific concerns of the lab, and general inspiration.

Scholarworks Center for Digital Publishing can help you share your peer-reviewed article, thesis, dissertation, or other digital objects via an open access repository and your data through an open research data repository. We can help you find and use open educational resources, and can advise on copyright issuesscholarly publishingdata managementbuilding and managing digital research projectsresearch metrics, and more.

  • Scholarly Communications @ Duke blog helps keep the Duke community informed about developments in scholarly communications, including the application of copyright law and its exceptions to teaching and research. The blog is regularly updated with information about developing issues, policy debates and proposed solutions. Subscribe here to get alerts whenever something new is posted.