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Google Earth Introduction: Addresses

Importing GIS data into Google Earth


Addresses can't be imported into the free version of Google Earth.

Google Earth Plus users can import 100 addresses at a time from a CSV file.

More liberal address importing options are available in Google Earth Pro and Enterprise.

As of version 7, Google Earth can only ingest such information for addresses located within the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, and Spain. Addresses with P.O. boxes cannot be placed by Google Earth

    Geocode addresses

    • Google Earth premium editions can import addresses stored in text formats to create an overlay layer of points.  The program is pretty liberal about various formats that your data can be in.  There is a detailed tutorial on importing addresses into the premium versions of Google Earth, covering specific options and on how to use the data import wizard to fill missing values and set various options.
    • Users may find it easier to geocode addresses using Google Earth rather than using locally installed GIS software, at least for relatively clean and consitent data.  Since you're accessing the Google Earth database online, you don't need to worry, for instance, about creating "locator files," as you do with ArcGIS.

    Example: Address Data

    Business address City state Zip
    Juneau Couriers 10155 Jensine Street Juneau AK 99801
    Hilford Moving & Storage 4701 Cameron Street Las Vegas NV 89103
    Yellow Cab 512 North Bailey Avenue North Platte NE 69101

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