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Google Earth Introduction: Intro & Help

Importing GIS data into Google Earth

The 3D Viewer

3d Viewer

Files for Workshop

Zip file with sample data for Google Earth training session.

The Program

Download free version

The library has the premium version, Google Earth Pro, installed in the Brandaleone Family Center for Data and GIS Services, Room 226 Perkins.

Premium editions

Many of the features described here are available only from the premium editions (Google Earth Pro or Google Earth Enterprise).  See the User Guide for details.  Google Earth Pro is installed on some Library computers (see above).

Getting Help

Help from Google

  • Google Earth Support page
    Leads to a variety of help pages, tutorials, and sample files. Also, try the following:
    • User Guide
      Detailed guide in Adobe Acrobat format.
    • Help Forum
      Knowledgebase with lots of questions and answers.  Search Help is also available from back on the main Support Page.
    • Gallery
      Leads to example projects with KML files or gadgets to download.
  • Tutorials
    More tutorials, not necessarily all the same as available from "Outreach" (see below).
  • Google Earth Outreach
    More help from Google geared toward non-profit organizations. Success Stories leads to example projects with KML files or gadgets to download, like Gallery (above).  Tutorials leads to "how-to" tutorials on some topics.
  • Google Earth Community
    Leads to bulletin boards and the like for users and developers.
  • Google Lat Long Blog
    Blog postings from Google staff on Google Maps, Google Earth, and related products.

Other Help Sources

Subject Guide

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