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Evolutionary Anthropology

This guide was created by Hannah Rozear, Duke's Librarian for Biological Sciences, to highlight resources relevant to research in Evolutionary Anthropology.

Avoiding Paywalls and Finding the Full Text

Meme featuring a woman crying because she has hit an article paywall







There are several strategies and tools you can use to quickly connect to the full text of any article or source you might find.

Finding Specific Articles, Journals, and Databases

Start at the library's website ( for quick and easy access to articles, databases, and journals that Duke subscribes to.

  1. Find the full text of a specific article by using the library's Articles search. Paste in the article title and hit search.
  2. Find specific journals by title (ex. American Journal of Physical Anthropology) using the Online Journal Titles page.
  3. Find specific research databases  (ex. Zoological Record) using the Research Databases (A-Z) page.
  4. Can't find the article? Request articles that Duke doesn't own using document delivery.