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Art History: Classical Art

Research Guide for Art History and Visual Studies - WELCOME 89S STUDENTS OF VISUAL CULTURE OF VENICE (HUFFMAN)

Ancient Topics in Visual Studies

Because scholarship on the ancient world developed well before art history, many sources excellent for the study of ancient art (or supporting information of it) are not in the standard art sources.  Consider these standard sources within classical studies for art as well.

Encyclopedias/Scholarly Overviews

New Pauly Online - The classical scholarly world's encyclopedia.  Signed articles (ie, you can quote them in your papers), reliable data, core bibliography. 

don't forget THE SECRET WEAPON PQDT (Dissertations full-text) - 90% full text, super scholarly, keyword searchable, unique primary sources often in the back as appendices (more here)

Journal Articles

L'Annee Philologique - the standard index for the ancient world.  All civilizations and topics.

- TIPS:  Advanced Search -► under THEMATIC SEARCH ► click "More Search Possibilities" ► next to "All Index Fields" type in Greek (or whatever area).