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ChatGPT and Generative AI Tools Citation Guide: Getting Started

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Benefits and Risk of Using AI Tools


  • Generates ideas
  • Streamlines inquiry
  • Literacy of emerging AI technology
  • Core competencies for careers in AI


  • Can "hallucinate" unsupported info
  • Cannot accurately cite own sources
  • Potential bias and harmful content
  • Potential for committing plagiarism

Popular Generative AI Tools

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What is Generative Artificial Intelligence

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology that can create content including text, images, audio, or video, when prompted by a user (United States Government Accountability Office, 2023)

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Keys to Good Citation Practices

Use of Generative AI in Academics

  • Refer to your academic institution 
    • Guidance and governance for scholarly work is set by your academic institution
  • Consult with your course instructor
    • Consult with your instructor if AI tools are allowed in their academic course
  • Read your course syllabi
    • Be informed and aware of all academic policies on generative AI and tools
  • If use of generative AI is allowed 
    • Always utilize the appropriate citation style for your course

Citation Management Tools

Pros of Using a Citation Management Tool

  • Organization of sources
  • Curation of full-text PDF files 
  • Creation of bibliographies in your required citation style format
  • Insert citations and bibliographies directly into your word document


United States Government Accountability Office. (2023, June 13). Science & Tech Spotlight: Generative AI.

Citation Styles for AI

APA Chicago MLA * CSE, IEEE, and Vancouver
  • Currently have no formal guidance for referencing AI content.

AI Tools for Research