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GLOCHALL201: Global Challenges in Science, Technology, and Health: WORKSHOP ACTIVITY

Advice for evaluating information

  • Author:
    • Who are they?
    • What are the author's credentials or organizational affiliations?
    • Is the author qualified to write on the topic?
  • Place of Publication:
    • What is the publication / website / source?
    • Reputation?
    • Bias?
  • References and links:
    • How does the author / organization support their arguments?
    • Is there evidence? Is it reliable?
    • Does your topic require current information, or will older sources work as well?
  • Purpose:
    • Who is the audience of the information?
    • Is the information trying to inform, teach, sell, entertain, or persuade?

Instructions for Workshop Activity

  • You will have 10 minutes to review 4 articles (see box on this page).
  • Before you read the article, pay attention to the following:
    • The author
    • The place of publication
    • References and links
    • Purpose
  • Think about whether you would use this article for a GLOCHALL assignment
  • The goal here is not to read the article – you are looking at CONTEXT instead of CONTENT