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Women and the Arts at the Rubenstein Library: Literary Arts

Personal Papers


AckerNotebookKathy Acker Papers, 1973-1996
Cyberpunk author and performance artist. Contains primarily manuscript drafts of and related materials concerning her novels, short stories, and other miscellaneous writings. See also "Visual" and "Performing."  3,858 items.

Dorothy Allison Papers, 1970s-2010
Dorothy Allison is an author and feminist who has written numerous books and short stories, including Trash (1988), Bastard Out of Carolina (1992), and Cavedweller (1998). Her papers include drafts and manuscripts of her writings; personal and professional correspondence; research materials and subject files; her personal journals; and other materials.

American Writers Papers, 1814-1969
Miscellaneous letters of American authors, editors, and other literary figures primarily relating to literary topics. Women writers include: Susan B. Anthony, Mary Louise Booth, Mary Wilkins Freeman, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Caroline Gilman, Mary Johnston, Anna Leonowens, Mary McCarthy, Margaret Mitchell Marsh, Katherine Drayton Simons, Carolyn Wells, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, and others. 184 items.

Frances L. Badger Scrapbook, 1818-1830
Scrapbook containing original poetry by Frances L. Badger. Also includes copies of funeral orations for Frances L. Badger (d. Oct. 6, 1822), and Frances and Mary Allen (1830).

Edith Ella Baldwin Papers, 1848-1920
Artist, craftswoman, and author from Worcester, Massachusetts. Collection consists of 39 unpublished volumes of stories, novels, poetry, lecture notes, and family history from Edith Ella Baldwin, including a novel about sex education for women, diary excerpts describing her visits with painter Mary Cassatt, and typescript copies of letters from her aunt, Ellen Frances Baldwin, dating from 1848 to 1854. 

Helen Smith Bevington Papers, 1918-2001
Poet and professor in the English Department at Duke University. Collection includes family and personal papers, primarily Bevington’s personal and professional correspondence (1931-2001), which includes letters from Ray Bradbury (1976-1993); typescripts of diary entries (1959-1989); 22 heavily annotated books of modern poetry; and research notes. 3,422 items.

Sallie Bingham Papers, 1900-2006
Feminist and author. Documentation of the personal life, literary development, and philanthropic activities of Sallie Bingham. Includes correspondence, writings, subject files, diaries and notebooks, legal and financial papers, and photographic media. Included also are records of The Kentucky Foundation for Women, a philanthropic organization founded by Bingham; The American Voice, a literary journal founded by Bingham. See also “Performing”.

Blanche McCrary Boyd Papers, 1957-1984
Writer raised in South Carolina. Includes notes, drafts, and proofs of her books Nerves, Mourning the Death of Magic, and The Redneck Way of Knowledge. Short stories, essays, reviews of Boyd’s work, and photographs are also included. 662 items.

Clement Claiborne Clay Papers, 1811-1925
Family collection containing the correspondence, writings, diaries, and scrapbooks of prominent Southerner Virginia Tunstall Clay, which document her publishing efforts and speaking engagements as well as personal and family relationships. 8,543 items and 25 vols.

Virginia Spencer Carr Papers, 1867-1977
English professor, Columbus College, Columbus, Ga. Correspondence, notes, drafts, clippings, and other materials used by Carr in writing The Lonely Hunter (1975), a biography of Southern author Carson McCullers. Includes correspondence between Carr and McCullers’s friends and relatives and literary and artistic figures, notes from interviews, McCullers family correspondence, genealogy, and drafts of Carr’s doctoral dissertation on McCullers, as well as draft and foundry proofs for The Lonely Hunter. 4,000 items.

Leah Fritz Papers, 1940-2009
American feminist poet and author. Born in the United States, Fritz has been active in England since moving there in 1985. The Leah Fritz papers contain correspondence and subject files; writings, including notebooks and diaries, drafts, published articles, and papers related to the publication of Fritz's prose writings, poetry, and book and article reviews; and audiocassettes of presentations and poetry readings by Fritz and other recordings.

Thomas F. Gossett Papers, 1948-1991 and n.d.
Professor Emeritus of English at Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, N.C. He and his wife, Louise, developed friendships with several major American writers and intellectuals. Collection is primarily correspondence with and other documents about Flannery O'Connor concerning O'Connor's writing and literary speaking engagements; Catholicism and her religious beliefs; her family life and personal health; her pets and hobbies; and the social life and customs of the Southeastern U.S. 216 items.

Judy Hogan Series in the Carolina Wren Press records, 1973-1993
Documents the life, activities, teaching and writing of the author Judy Hogan, founder of Carolina Wren Press.

Josephine Humphreys Papers, 1960-2000 (bulk 1983-1987)
Author. Correspondence between Humphreys and other writers and editors; business contracts regarding publications and movie rights; handwritten and typed manuscripts and proofs for her books Dreams of Sleep, Rich in Love, and Fireman’s Fair; typescripts of works by other authors (including Robb Forman Dew and Louise Erdrich); reviews of her and others’ works; and information detailing her speaking engagements and interviews. Also included are books inscribed to Humphreys and seven scrapbooks containing additional correspondence and reviews. 11,901 items.

Ellen Hundley Poems, 1852
Original poetry composed by Ellen Hundley for her children. 1 vol.

Susan Ketchin Papers, 1980-1994
Author, editor, and educator. Correspondence, manuscripts of her writings and the writings of others, reviews, publications, printed matter, teaching materials, and other papers relating principally to her work with the St. Andrews Review, Southern Exposure, the Algonquin Press, and the Duke Young Writers Camp. One large group of materials was generated in the process of producing and writing The Christ-Haunted Landscape: Faith and Doubt in Southern Fiction. These materials include research files, audio tapes of interviews with authors featured in the book (including female authors Doris Betts, Lee Smith, Sandra Hollin Flowers, Mary Ward Brown, and Sheila Bosworth), and typescripts. 4,800 items.

Clara Victoria Dargan Maclean Papers, 1849-1920
Fiction writer, poet and teacher of Columbia, S.C. Collection includes correspondence, diaries (1860-1920), scrapbooks, autograph album (1873), and other papers, containing information on Southern literature and the effect of the Civil War on literary effort and remuneration. Includes a copy of Fenélon (1888) with Mrs. Maclean’s notes and comments.  739 items.

Carson McCullers Papers, 1941-1978
Author. Correspondence between McCullers and Tennessee Williams, Dame Edith Sitwell, and cousins, Jordan Massee, Jr., and Paul Bigelow; writings by McCullers; poems by Dame Edith Sitwell; and clippings; together with correspondence from McCullers’ mother, Marguerite (Waters) Smith, to Massee and Bigelow, and other papers. Topics include therelationship between McCullers and Williams and their lifestyles, health, moods, travels, residences, and attitudes toward well-known contemporary writers, and McCullers’s relationship with her husband, Reeves. 292 items.

sisterhoodRobin Morgan Papers, [1940s]-2002 and undated (bulk 1970-2000)
Feminist writer and activist. Includes documentation on all of Morgan’s significant written works: Demon Lover; Depth Perception; Dry Your Smile; Going Too Far; A Hot January; Lady of the Beasts; Saturday’s Child; her well-known feminist anthologies, Sisterhood Is Powerful, Sisterhood Is Global, and Sisterhood Is Forever; and other materials on her poems, articles, and other writings. 23,501 items.

Catherine Nicholson Papers, 1942-2005
Feminist writer and magazine publisher; resident of Durham, NC; co-founder of Sinister Wisdom, a multicultural lesbian literary and art journal. Correspondence, personal and professional writings, poetry, notes, articles, clippings, and ephemera. 5,957 items. See also “Performing Arts”

Sylvia Norton Papers, 1926-1938
Contains manuscripts of poetry and short stories written by either Sylvia or Lillian Norton under the name (Frances) Elliott Norton. Correspondence with author and critic Laurence D’Orsay discusses Elliott Norton’s writing abilities. 200 items.

Frances Gray Patton Papers, 1942-1970
Author, of Durham, NC. Includes a typescript of her Good Morning, Miss Dove, with revisions handwritten by the author; a copy of the adaptation of the novel for a motion picture; clippings and articles about Mrs. Patton and reviews of her books; 374 items.

Peggy Payne Papers, 1968-2005
Author and Duke University graduate. Collection consists chiefly of drafts of various writings, including  her novels Revelation and Sister India; correspondence, clippings, printed material (including copies of magazines containing other writings by Payne). 5,928 items.

Minnie Bruce Pratt Papers, 1951-2005DirtSheAte
Noted writer, poet, and activist. Collection includes manuscript material, as well as correspondence, files relating to speaking engagements, and photographic, audio, and visual material documenting Pratt’s life and work. 120,000 items.

Jane Roberts, 1833-1839 and 1851
British author. Diary and notebook of author of Two Years at Sea, The Court Favourite, and Lowenstein, King of the Forest. Entries record the sale, writing, and publication of these three works as well as the writing and rejection of another, Verginia (sic) Water, providing a detailed account of the author’s difficult relationship with the publishing world. Volume also contains poetry by Roberts. 1 vol.

Mab Segrest papers, 1967-2002 and undated
Southern author, feminist, and gay rights activist.  Correspondence, research files, manuscript drafts, printed materials, teaching files, and other papers concerning Segrest’s career and personal life as author, teacher, feminist, gay activist, publisher, editor, and leader of various social justice and activist organizations Includes draft of Dorothy Allison’s novel Bastard Out of Carolina and materials relating to Segrest’s memoirs about the Civil Rights Movement. This collection is restricted.

Anita Shreve Papers, 1987- 2003
Freelance journalist and writer. Comprises page and galley proofs, typescripts, hand-written drafts, hand-written notes, and research for Shreve’s novels and nonfiction books. The books include The Last Time They Met, Fortune's Rocks, Strange Fits of Passion, The Weight of Water, Remaking Motherhood, Resistance, The Pilot's Wife, Sea Glass, and All He Ever Wanted. 324 items.

Emma Dorothy Eliza Nevitte (EDEN) Southworth Papers, 1849-1901
Novelist, of Georgetown (Washington, DC).  Includes literary, business, and personal correspondence, together with a few newspaper clippings relating to Mrs. Southworth’s career. A series of letters to and from Robert Bonner, editor of the New York Ledger, relates to literary matters, the publication of Mrs. Southworth’s writings, other business matters, Mrs. Southworth’s disdain for the Confederacy, and personal and family matters. 342 items. 

MemoirsAlix Kates Shulman Papers, 1892-2005 (bulk 1968-2000)
Prominent feminist, author, and political activist in the 1960s and 70s. The primary focus of the collection is Shulman’s writing and literary career. Includes manuscripts, notes, clippings, published books, correspondence, photographs, audio and videotapes. 13,355 items.

Anne Tyler Papers, 1958-2006 and undated
Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Accidental Tourist, Breathing Lessons, Celestial Navigation, Ladder of Years, and other popular novels. Contains drafts and manuscripts for several novels, correspondence, publicity materials, and clippings of articles about Tyler, reviews of her novels, and book covers. 5,376 items.

Catherine Ann Warfield, 1867-1868
Poet and author from Kentucky. Volume entitled "Southern Songs" containing poems telling the story of the Civil War in verse and illustrating her Southern sympathies. 1 vol.

Organizational Records

Bust Magazine Records, 1993-2000
Feminist magazine. Includes a complete run of the magazine; layouts and copy-editing material; biographies of contributors; article submissions; advertisement documentation; correspondence; press coverage of Bust; promotional material; material related to the publication and promotion of the book The Bust Guide to the New Girl Order; and magazine artwork. 

Carolina Wren Press Records, 1940-2004 and undated, (bulk 1970-1990)
Small press in Carrboro, NC, founded by Judy Hogan. Correspondence, financial records, manuscript drafts, press releases, and publications related to the business of the non-profit literary press, as well as other projects for which the press served as mother institution/financial agent; also, a small press library, consisting of several hundred volumes of literary monographs and serials  published by various small presses chiefly in the 1970s. 

Charis Books and More-Charis Circle Records, 1976-2008 
Documents the day-to-day operations, programs, and missions of two organizations, a feminist bookstore and a non-profit feminist organization in Atlanta, GA. Includes financial records for both organizations; board minutes; log books; instructions and reports for the bookstore; records of community programs; poetry workshop materials; photographs; and ephemera such as flyers, t-shirts, and banners.

Kentucky Foundation for Women Records, 1985-1999 and n.d.
Kentucky foundation to support feminist women in the arts and feminist women authors.  Contains papers on special projects, including Hopscotch House and the Wolf Pen Women Writers Colony; information regarding the publication of the feminist literary journal The American Voice; correspondence between the editors (Frederick Smock and Sallie Bingham) and contributors; copy-edited drafts of poetry, prose, and non-fiction essays; business records; broadsides; chapbooks; miscellaneous publications; and issues of the journal. 

Lollipop Power, Inc. Series, ca. 1969-1986 and undated in the Carolina Wren Press Records
Correspondence, office files, financial papers, and publications of feminist children's press. See also individual titles published by Lollipop Power, Inc.

Sarabande Books Records, 1992-2003.
Kentucky non-profit literary press that publishes poetry and fiction. Documents the founding and the functioning of the company. Includes business records and correspondence with authors. See also individual titles published by Sarabande Books