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Trade Data Sources: Analysis


Business Resources: A library guide with links to various business research guides for business research.

Business: Recommended Databases:  Especially useful for background information are databases such as ABI/Inform Complete and Business Source Complete that index business journals and trade magazines.

Company and Industry Research: A library guide to resources for analyzing industries.

Port Examiner: Data on individual shipments, taken from U.S. customs data.  Searchable by "Supplier Name," "Importer Name," "Cargo Description," and "Carton Marks. Doesn't allow the retrieval of comprehensive data, searching is primitive, and the many ads are distracting.

S&P Global NetAdvantage: Provides access to the S&P Industry Surveys (under Markets), as well as other information about companies and industries.

Stat-USA: A guide from the University of Central Florida that provides links to current locations of components of the former Stat-USA resource (now defunct) from the US Census Bureau.  See especially the State of the Nation links on the first tab and the material under the tab for GLOBUS and NTDB [National Trade Data Bank].

U.S. Industry and Trade Outlook

A good historical source (1960-2000) for studying trade trends in various industries, especially if the U.S. is a major importer or exporter of the products. Published annually through 2000, except as noted. If you want to browse the paper issues be aware that the call number and title vary over the years (see list below). Check the library catalog for additional locations in the Law and Fuqua School of Business libraries.

  • U.S. Industry & Trade Outlook (1998-2000)
    Perkins/Bostock Stacks HC101 .U54   
    U.S. Documents C 61.48: [yr]
  • U.S. Global Trade Outlook: 1995-2000
    Library Service Center, C 61.34/2:
    This is a watered down edition that covers a multi-year time span.
  • U.S. Industrial Outlook (annual)
U.S. Industrial Outlook Call Numbers
Years Call Number (all in Public Documents Collection)
1986-1994 C 61.43: [yr.]
1981-1985 C 62.17: [yr.]
1976-1980 C 57.18: [yr.]
1973-1975 C 57.309: [yr.]
1971-1972 C 41.42/4: [yr.]
1960-1970 C 41.42/3: [yr.]