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Reappropriation/Re-use in the Arts: Overview

The re-use or reappropriation in film, the graphic arts, literature and music is a great tradition; each definition with its own theory and impetus. This guide is intended for practitioners and scholars to study the forms of reappropriation in the arts.


(ten points if you can name the famous film this still was "reappropriated" from).

What is Re-Use in the Arts?

The concept of re-use, recombining, fragmental quotation, mash-up, transformative use or reappropriation in the arts has a long and varied history.  What are the distinctions between the various forms of re-use?  Discovering the varieties is  essential to one's own use of reappropriation in art.  Consider these examples.



Andy Warhol.  Jackie, 1964. Seriograph.                                                                                                                                             Elliot Erwin/Life Magazine, Kenedy funeral, 1963



Herkles and bull amphora.  Boston Museum of Fine Arts.