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Primary Sources - Asia: Recommended Databases

Librarian for Japanese Studies

Matthew Hayes
235 Bostock, Perkins Library

Primary Sources for Japan: Recommended Databases

  • 京城日報 = The Keijo nippō
    Full-text Newspaper articles published daily from 1906 - 1945
  • 臺灣日日新報 Taiwan nichinichi shinpō

    Official newspaper of Taiwan during the Japanese colonial period, including both Japanese (1898.5 - 1944.3) and Chinese (1905.7 - 1911.11) editions.

  • Manchuria Daily News Online
    The English-language Manchuria Daily News (1908 – 1940), published in Dalian (Darien), presents Japan’s case for its presence in China. From 1932 the Manchuria Daily News Includes the Manchuria Magazine, Manchuria Month, Contemporary Manchuria and the Manchuria Information Bulletin.

  • Asahi shinbun onrain kiji detabesu
    Also known as Kikuzo II bijuaru for libraries. 12+ million articles published from 1879 to present.

  • Japan Times
    Longstanding English language newspaper published in Japan. Electronic archive dates from 1999-; microfilm, S134S, from 1897-

  • Maisaku: Mainichi shinbun no dētabēsu (每索: 每日新聞のデータベース)
    Search the full-text of the Mainichi shinbun (1872 (Meiji 5)- present). Both the Tokyo and Osaka editions (1876-1942) are in pdf format until 1988 and as search terms are limited, browsing is recommended

  • Yomidasu rekishikan
    Yomiuri shinbun 1874 to the present: image format from 1874 to 1989; full text 1986 to the present, along with the English edition

Online Primary Sources for Japan; Recommended Databases

  • Nichibunken Database
    The International Research Center for Japanese Studies (called Nichibunken) provides databases including Rare Books, Foreign images of Japan, Early photographs, Japanese Art in Overseas Collections, and some more; Requires registration
  • emuseum -- National Treasures and Important Cultural Properties of the Tokyo National Museum

    Images and texts include Japanese paintings from the 11th-13th centuries and 15th-19th centuries, Chinese paintings from the Song and Yuan dynasties, Buddhist sutras and Chinese classics, swords, historical and classical Japanese documents, calligraphy, and textiles.