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Native North American Voices: About

A research guide focusing on materials and resources for discovering Native North American voices across genres and mediums.

Honoring Native Land

Native American/Indigenous Student Alliance - Facebook Page

Duke University Libraries: Land Acknowledgement 

It is critical to acknowledge that our libraries rest on Native American homelands. There are ongoing discussions between the Native American/Indigenous Student Alliance (NAISA) and Duke University about creating a collaborative and inclusive land acknowledgment. When that statement is available, this guide will be updated.

About NAISA: "As the primary Native American/Indigenous cultural organization on campus, we serve as a resource for all Native American/Indigenous students on campus through educational, career, cultural, and social support. Further, we work to advance the awareness of Native American/Indigenous cultures across campus, throughout the state of North Carolina, and beyond."

*All titles included in this guide are written by Native North Americans and are available at Duke University Libraries*


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