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MEM Guide for Finding, Using and Citing Sources

Key article databases

Animated icon of a computer screen scrolling.These databases range from large, interdisciplinary citation databases to policy-specific databases to environmentally-focused databases. Some databases will provide full-text access links, while others you will need to search for through our website. You can also browse databases by subject, such as environmental sciences or earth & climate sciences.


Yellow lightbulb icon Looking for tips on how to search a scholarly database? Check out the Search the Literature section of our literature reviews guide.

Top news sources

Animated icon of a newspaper with the word NEWS at the top.When researching a recent topic, consider utilizing news sources for up-to-date information. News outlets are particularly useful when scholarly research on your topic is limited. However, exercise caution by critically evaluating bias and authority whenever consuming news. 

Background information

Finding Master's Projects

Master's Projects from recent years can be found online at DukeSpace. Older projects are held by the University Archives.