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Core Journals in East Asian Studies (English Language)

Korean Studies Librarian

Miree Ku

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Selective Journals in English

Acta Koreana
Perkins/Bostock A188AK
*Online full text available from 2005-present

East Asian Review
Perkins/Bostock E13AM
In-depth studies on issues related to East Asia, especially on the Korean peninsula and the surrounding powers.

Journal of Korean Religions
Divinity School Library BL2230 .J68
*Online full text available from 2010-present, peer-reviewed and published twice yearly, in April and October.

Journal of Korean Studies
Perkins/Bostock DS901 .J68
Outstanding articles from all disciplines concering Korea.

Korea Journal
Perkins/Bostock K84K
Articles, debates, book reviews and book notes regarding the field of Korean Studies.
*Online full text available from 1961-present

Korea Observer
Perkins/Bostock K84O
A peer reviewed journal, it contains articles, book reviews, and other editorial matters on all aspects of politics, economics, societies and culture relevant to Korea. 
*Online full text available from 1998-present

Korean Studies
Perkins/Bostock  DS901.K854
A variety of scholarly topics through interdisciplinary and multicultural articles, book reviews, and essays in the humanities and social sciences.
*Online full text available from 1997-present

The Review of Korean Studies
Perkins/Bostock R454AH
*Free full text available at the Academy of Korean Studies website.
*Online full text available from 1998-present through DBpia database.

Seoul Journal of Korean Studies
Perkins/Bostock  S479J
*Online full text available from 1988-present through DBpia database.

Sungkyun Journal of East Asian Studies
Perkins/Bostock  DS501 .S86
Multi-disciplinary journal dedicated to East Asian Studies.
*Free online full text available from the first issue, 2001-present

Perkins/Bostock PL950.2 .A93
Journal of Korean literature & culture
*Online full text available from 2007-present.

Korean Literature Today
Perkins/Bostock K84P

Korean Cinema Today
Lilly Library
Revitalized new name of Korean Film Observatory. 
*Online full text (Download PDF) available from the first issue of Korean Film Observatory, 2001.

Korean Cinema
Lilly Library PN1993.5.K6 K67

Journal of economic research
Perkins/Bostock  K99B
Provides theoretical and empirical aspects of economics, financial economics and related area.
*Free online full text available from 1996-present

On Korea
9-10 papers per year
Academic paper series published by the Korea Economic Institute (KEI).
*Free online full text available from 2006-present

International Journal of Buddhist Thought & Culture
Divinity B162 .I58 
*Online full text available from 1998-present through KISS database.

Journal of Korean Religions
Divinity BBL2230 .J68
*Online full text available from volume 1, 2010

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