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CULANTH 498s: Senior Distinction Seminar: Getting Started

Sage Research Methods Database

Theses & Dissertations

Looking at theses and dissertations can be a great place to locate additional sources on your topic. It allows you to see if anyone has directly studied your topic, or a closely related field, and their bibliographies can be great sources of information.

Interlibrary Requests

Special Privileges for Honors Students

Check out what the library offers students writing honors theses...

Welcome to the research guide for your Honors Seminar. Use this guide to help you get started with your thesis. You might also want to take a look at some of our other research guides, depending on your topics.

Read more about what the library offers students writing honors theses:

Literature Review Tutorial

Literature Reviews & Annotated Bibliographies

Conducting a Literature Review will be an important part of your thesis project. Here are some links that will help you understand the process:

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Undergraduate Honors Theses and Student papers submitted by Duke Cultural Anthropology students

Adding your Thesis to DukeSpace

DukeSpace is the Library’s open access repository for the scholarly output of faculty, students, and the greater Duke research community.

Recent Duke dissertations, theses, master’s projects, undergraduate honors theses as well as open access copies of Duke faculty articles are part of the repository.  You can add your finished thesis to make it more accessible.

For undergraduate students completing Honors Theses, contact Harris Solomon, Director of Undergraduate Instruction, for more information.