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Divinity eReserves

This LibGuide links to the e-book version, where available, for books listed on Divinity course syllabi. Books are arranged according to instructor's last name.


How this Guide is Organized

This guide links electronic copies of books that are listed as required course materials for Divinity classes this semester. Below, you will find a list of courses grouped by subject and linked to their section in the eReserves guide. On the left-hand menu, you will also see tabs that will allow you to navigate by professors' last names.


Fall 2021 Courses

AMXTIAN 800: Studies in American Methodism 

AMXTIAN 801: Donald Trump, TV Preachers, and the American Prosperity Gospel

AMXTIAN 807/SOCIOL 776/REL 854: The Social Organization of American Religion

AMXTIAN 811: Pentecostalism

BCS 761: The Black Church in America

BCS 763: The Ethical and Political Thought of Martin Luther King Jr.

BCS 790: Blacks in White Churches

BCS 806: Segregated Sundays: Church, Race, Class and Caste

CHURHST 750: Early and Medieval Christianity

CHURMIN 760: Introduction to the Ministry of Preaching (Hybrid)

CHURMIN 760: Introduction to the Ministry of Preaching (Residential)

CHURMIN 761: Introduction to Christian Ministry: Ordained Leadership

DMNISTRY 901: Introduction to Christian Leadership

DMNISTRY 902: Preaching: Understanding and Interpreting Context

HISTREL 763: Blessings: An Introduction to Jewish Prayer

HISTTHEO 800: Luther and the Reformation in Germany

LTS 710/CHURHST 710: 100,000 Sundays

LTS 730/760: Introduction to Christian Worship

LTS 742/PREACHNG 742: The Art & Craft of Public Proclamation

LTS 830: Survey of Christian Hymnody

LTS 831: Songwriting and Theology

NEWTEST 701: New Testament Greek Reading

NEWTEST 760: Hellenistic Greek



NEWTEST 813: Paul and the Person



OLDTEST 701: Hebrew Reading

OLDTEST 706: Introduction to the Old Testament (MA Course)

OLDTEST 752: Old Testament Interpretation 1 (Residential MDiv)

OLDTEST 752: Old Testament Interpretation 1 (Hybrid MDiv)

OLDTEST 760: Introduction to Biblical Hebrew


OLDTEST 860: Intermediate Hebrew Prose

OLDTEST 901: Old Testament and Christian Leadership

OLDTEST 957: Ugaritic and Selected Topics in "Canaanite" Religion

PARISH 705: Introduction to Mission and Ministry

PARISH 707/777: Wesleyan Foundations for Mission, Practice, Belief (Hybrid MA)

PARISH 750A: The Anglican Tradition

PARISH 770: Forming Disciples in Wesleyan Tradition

PARISH 784: 1979 Book of Common Prayer and the Principles of Anglican Worship

PARISH 809: Restorative Justice, Prison Ministry & the Church

PARISH 821: Global Food Policy

PARISH 822: Charitable Foods

PARISH 890: Community and Economic Development

PARISH 890: Missio Ecclesiae (Mission)

PASTCARE 760: Introduction to Pastoral Theology and Care

PASTCARE 761: Introduction to the Ministry of Social Work

PASTCARE 766: Forced Displacement: Ministry and Care in the Contexts of Displacement and Loss

PREACHNG 758: Introduction to Christian Preaching

SPIRIT 760: Introduction to Christian Spirituality

WXTIAN 815: The Next Christendom: The Rise of Christianity Outside the West

WXTIAN 816: Christianity's Encounter w. Other Religions/Cultures: The Case of East Asia

XTIANEDU 760: Introduction to the Education of Christians

XTIANEDU 761: Adolescent Selves, Adolescent Contexts, and the Formation of Christian Adolescent Identity

XTIANETH 761: Health Care in Theological Context I

XTIANETH 807: Advanced Theological Bioethics

XTIANETH 813: Listen, Organize, Act

XTIANETH 890: Julian of Norwich

XTIANETH 890: Social Justice in Public Policy

XTIANPRC 701: Spiritual Formation

XTIANSTU 705:  Cultivating Christian Imagination I

XTIANSTU 707: Spiritual Formation and Community Engagement for Theology, Medicine and Culture

XTIANSTU 708: Spiritual Formation and Vocation in Healthcare

XTIANTHE 705: Introduction to Christian Theology

XTIANTHE 755: Christian Theology

XTIANTHE 760: The Free Church

XTIANTHE 773: Introduction to Theology and the Arts

XTIANTHE 779: Introduction to Latinx Theology

XTIANTHE 841: Political Theology

XTIANTHE 842: Womanist Theological Ethics

XTIANTHE 851: Transhumanism, Theology and Embodiment

XTIANTHE 852: Modern Theological Anthropology I: Pascal

XTIANTHE 890: Reform and Revolution: John Milton in Christian Tradition

XTIANTHE 904: Theology of Christian Leadership

XTIANTHE 950: ThD Seminar: Explorations in Practical Theology

XTIANTHE 957: Chalcedonian Christology