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Extreme Right Movements in Europe

Extreme Right Movements in Europe


Extreme Right Movements in Europe

Collected by: Ivy Plus Libraries Confederation

Archived since: Jan, 2019


The Extreme Right Movements in Europe Web Archive is a collection built by members of the Ivies Plus Western European Studies Affinity Group, under the auspices of the Ivy Plus Libraries Confederation. By ‘extreme right’ the Group understands a large ideological spectrum of radical right thinking, extending from anti-globalization and right-wing populism, to white nationalism, neo-fascism, and extremism. Extreme right movements and ideology share a number of features, which typically include hostility to globalization, fervent criticism of immigration, and have political, social, and religious aspects, and exist outside of and are more radical than mainstream conservatism. The Archive collects a wide array of web content, and aims to preserve this content for scholars, teachers, and future researchers in the humanities and social sciences as documentation of the rise of extreme right movements in Europe in the early twenty-first century. Most of the sites in this archive were added to the seed list in 2018 and it has not been significantly expanded since then. Much right-wing activity on the Internet has migrated from stable websites to social media platforms such as 8kun, Twitter, Telegram chats or Facebook--services that a web archive is not able for technical or legal reasons to capture comprehensively. This archive thus represents a snapshot in time, when the energy in European right-wing activity was rooted in anti-immigration, Islamophobia, long-standing issues exacerbated by the 2015 migration crisis. We have not systematically added any new sites reflecting the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccine skepticism, QAnon, or the aftermath of the US 2020 election. The Archive is still actively crawling the sites listed. Although some users may find this content offensive or dangerous, its primary purpose is for research and teaching. Due to the nature of this material, access to the Archive is restricted to on-campus use within the Ivy Plus Libraries Confederation. If you have questions about this collection, please contact