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SOCIOL 255: Immigration & Health

Advanced Search Tips: Scopus


Use a general database (recommend Scopus or Web of Science) to find health literature on your country and immigrant group.

  1. Use * to search the root word and all the variants. (ex. Cuba or Cuban)
  2. Put core concepts into separate search boxes
  3. Use OR to connect related terms (ex. immigrant or refugee) within the same box

Example: Scopus search for refugee students and academic performance


Limit your search to "Review" articles to find secondary literature. Review articles will provide good background info. You can always toggle back to include "Articles" to view the primary literature. 

You might also limit the dates to the most recent research.


You may find it helpful to sort by "Relevance". You can toggle between options (Date, Cited By, Relevance).

Advanced Tips: Other Databases (SocINDEX, Race Abstracts, Global Health)

To find additional research on the sociological aspects of your immigrant group's experience try searching SocINDEX, Race Abstracts, and Global Health.


  1. You can search all three databases at once by going to "Choose Databases" and selecting all three
  2. An * will allow you to search on all forms of the word (ex. Cuba, Cuban)
  3. Put an OR between related terms (ex. refugee or asylee or immigra*)
  4. Switch the default to "Abstract". This tells the search that you want the terms to appear in the Abstract.