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Glory of Woman: An Introduction to Prescriptive Literature: 1630-1749

The Glory of Woman: Prescriptive Literature, 1630 - 1749

  • Allestree, Richard. The Ladies' Calling. Oxford: At the Theater, 1673.
    Addresses female virtue and the duties of motherhood and marriage. For example, wives “are to be extremely tender of [their husband’s reputation], to advance it, by making all that is good in him conspicuous, as public as they can; setting his worth in the [clearest] light, but putting his infirmities in the shade…”.
  • Dunton, John. The Ladies Dictionary.  London: Printed for J. Dunton, 1694
    This amazing volume is “a Compleat Directory to the Female-Sex in all Relations, Companies, Conditions and States of Life.”  The entries range from biographical sketches of women in history, mythology, and the Bible; to topics like adultery, keeping house, obedience to parents, painting of the face, virgins, and wives.