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Legislative Process: Congressional Vote

How a bill becomes a law in the US, with the government documents associated with each step of the process

How did they vote on the bill?

Action:  House and Senate members vote on the proposed bill and/or amendments. Some votes are by voice, not roll call, so you will not find the names of who voted.


CQ Congress Collection
Search votes by topic or Congressional session; key vote analysis; compare members' votes and voting alignment.
THOMAS Roll Call Votes
101st Cong. 1st sess. (1989) to present.
ProQuest Congressional
Choose Legislative Histories from the search page. Within a history, look for the Congressional Record entry where the bill was passed.
Legislative histories of bills from 91st (1969-1970) Congress - present.; text and status of bills from 101st Congress- present.
You can also search by Member Records to follow a particular legislator's votes.
CQ (Congressional Quarterly) Weekly Report
1957-present, selected votes only.
Congressional Quarterly Almanac, and Congressional Quarterly Almanac plus.
Comprehensive, yearly summary of the activity and issues addressed by Congress.  Provides voting information by bill for every member. Includes major political happenings of that year and text of important statements.
Paper: 1948 - present.

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