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ICS Gateway Course: Evaluating Sources

ICS 195: Comparative Approaches to Global Issues

Scholarly Journals Vs. Popular Magazines

Note: Advance slides forward and backward with arrows. Click on  to expand to full screen.

Review the slides above to learn how to:

  • Distinguish between a popular and scholarly source
  • Identify common characteristics of popular and scholarly articles
  • Understand the concept of the "peer review" editorial process

Peer Review in 3 Minutes

Evaluating Information

During your research process, you will collect a lot of information from books, articles, and websites. Sometimes it may be difficult to determine whether a source is appropriate for your research needs. This UNC-CH Library website on Evaluating Information is designed to help you answer that question. Each section (boois, articles, websties) covers the ABCs of critical assessment:

  • Audience. For whom is this source intended?
  • Accuracy. Is the information in this source correct?
  • Bias. Does the information in the source support a particular agenda?
  • Credibility. Is the author an expert in this field?
  • Currency. Is the information up to date?