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Biblical Commentary from Historic Sources: 100 Years of Biblical Interpretation at Duke Divinity School (1926-2026)

Biblical Studies Faculty at Duke Divinity School


Anderson, Hugh (1920-2003; Duke faculty 1957-1966), Old Testament/Biblical Theology

Bailey, Lloyd, Old Testament

Branscomb, B. Harvie (1894-1998), New Testament (and head of Duke Libraries)

Brownlee, William Hugh (1917-1983), Old Testament

Clark, Kenneth Willis (1898-1979), New Testament

Davies, W.D. (1911-2001; Duke faculty 1950-1955 and 1966-1981), Biblical Theology/New Testament

Efird, James "Mickey" (1932-2021), New Testament

Murphy, Roland E., Old Testament

Smith, Dwight Moody, Jr. (1931-2016), New Testament

Stinespring, William Franklin (1901-), Old Testament

Wintermute, Orval, Old Testament

Young, Franklin W. (1915-2010; Duke faculty 1946-1950 and 1968-1982?), New Testament

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Why start a School of Religion at Duke University


“Without religion a college is a curse to society.”

-- Braxton Craven, 1868

(president of Normal College and Trinity College, 1850-1882)


“Courses in the study of the Bible are required of all students, and these courses are under the direction of a specialist.”

-- Bulletin of Trinity College, 1909


“Upon the college in the South rests the further duty of mediation between the religious conservatism of this region and the great intellectual ferment of this age… The southern college, if it be wise enough to understand its opportunity, will work in hearty cooperation with the churches.”

-- William Preston Few, 1911

(president of Trinity College and Duke University, 1910-1941)