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British History in the Rubenstein Library: Army and Navy


Admiral Robert Barrie papers, 1765-1953.

Admiral Sir Robert Barrie (1774-1841) served in the British Navy and participated in the Vancouver Expedition, 1791-1795; the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars; the War of 1812; and served as naval commissioner in Canada, 1819-1834.

The Papers, 1779-1798, of George, Lord Macartney when he was Governor of Madras include Sir Edward Hughes' correspondence when he commanded the British fleet in Indian wters, 1781-1784. 

The Papers of Sir John Samuel Moore from 1843-1882 
Chiefly letters from Moore to his wife recording his service with the H.M.S. Salamander in Australian waters (1864-1865), with the H. M. S. Pearl at Hong Kong, Singapore, and Chinese and Japanese ports (1866-1870), and at the British occupation of Alexandria, Egypt, in 1882.

Correspondence (1795-1803) while serving as comptroller of the Royal Navy and primarily concerning the importation of naval stores from Russia. Also, correspondence of Sir Hamond's son, Admiral Sir Graham Eden Hamond, Bart., concerning his command of the H.M.S. Champion, Blanche, Plantagenet, and Lively, in the blockades of Valetta, Malta (1800), the Danish and Swedish coasts and the attack on Copenhagen (1801), and in service off the coasts of Spain and France (1801). There are letters, 1828-1832, from George Charles Blake concerning his command of the H.M.S. Pearl.

Letterbooks of Commissary General Henry Motz and Assistant Commissaries DeBels and Engelbach containing correspondence of: Mediterranean Service (1800, Oct. - 1801, June) and Egypt (1801, May-July). These volumes contain information regarding the Egyptian Campaign of 1801.

Letters covering various aspects of Wolseley's military career, and relating to trouble with the natives on the Gold Coast in 1873, events in the Sudan in the late 1880s, British diplomacy in Egypt, the Nile Expedition of 1884-1885, and his appointment as commander in chief of the British Army.