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British Parliamentary Papers: Rolls of Parliament 1275-1504

How to find British Parliamentary Sessional Papers, Debates and other documents.

Rolls of Parliament at Duke

The Rolls of Parliament are available full-text online in the database Parliament Rolls of Medieval England, 1275-1504


About the Rolls of Parliament

The Rolls of Parliament (Rotuli Parliamentorum),  were the official records of the meetings of the English parliament from the reign of Edward I (1272 – 1307) until the reign of Henry VII (1485 – 1509), after which they were superseded by the journals of the lords and, somewhat later, of the commons. Includes a substantial amount of material never previously published, together with a full translation of all the texts from the three languages used by the medieval clerks (Latin, Anglo-Norman and Middle English.) Note that the Rolls end at 1504 because Henry VII did not call a Parliament during the last 5 years of his reign.

Additional Holdings

Duke also has the following:

  • Great Britain. Parliament. Rotuli Parliamentorum; ut et Petitiones, et Placita in Parliamento. London, 1767-77. Special Collections Library SCL E f#960 v. 1-6.
  • On microfilm in Perkins Newspapers and Microforms News-micro N4387, 10277.  Covers the reigns of Edward I through Henry VII (1278-1509).
  • Index to the Rolls of Parliament. London, 1832. Microfilm News-Micro N4291