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The Sea is History: Bibliography: Haiti

An Brief Bibliography of Key Sources on Caribbean Sea Migration, 1960-2009

Books & Journal Articles




They call us Boat People,
Children, Husbands & Wives,
Who cross the ocean with the notion for much better lives,
…… Haiti is 700 miles away ….you do the math,
days & nights, frigid waters, waves with extreme heights,
dark seas risking it all just to be free…..

Rap artist MECCA aka Grimo, 2007


Books & Reports

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Collis Davis, Raymond Cajuste, Ossie Davis & Cinema Guild. 2006, 1983. Voyage of Dreams: A documentary essay. DVD (30 min).


Photo documentarian Gary Monroe has archived a selection of his photos taken inside the Haitian camp at Miami's Krome Immigration Detention Center in 1983. Duke University Libraries, Rare Books, Manuscripts and Special Collections has acquired a set of 150 prints from Monroe's collection on Haiti, Krome Detention Center and Little Haiti in Miami.

The United States Coast Guard publishes statistics on the numbers of Cubans, Dominicans and Haitians interdicted at sea.

The Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center (now called Americans for Immigrant Justice) publishes it's papers online. It provides excellent historical and statistical information on Haitian sea migrants.