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Public Policy

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Table of Contents

Use the tabs in this guide or the links below to find recommended sources for Public Policy research.

Top Reference Works

Political Analysis for Public Policy

Political Analysis for Public Policy

A key guide used for the PUBPOL 301/ POLSCI 310 course, with resources for:

  • databases and search strategies
  • interest groups
  • news/ media
  • public opinion
  • US government
  • US states
  • international issues
  • policy writing tips

Citing Sources

Public Policy professors do not agree on any one citation style. If your professor does not have a preference, the consensus is to use any of the Social Sciences style manuals
Chicago, APA, Turabian
as long as you use it consistently. MLA is generally not used (unless your professor specifies it); it is considered more appropriate for the Humanities.

If your professor did not state a preference, which of the styles above is easiest for you to use and makes the most sense to you? Here is a page that leads you to each of the style manuals with examples of how to cite different materials: