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Saxophone Resources: Getting Started

This Topic Guide offers a selection of resources that may provide useful in learning about, performing, and teaching the Saxophone.

Listening to Saxophone Music

Listen to and watch Saxophone performances online!

Links to more Online Listening

To find CDs in the library catalog:

To find DVDs in the library catalog:

Making Recordings


                            Zoom H2n Handy Recorder


Check out this portable Zoom Recorder from the Music Library Circulation Desk to make high quality recordings on the go!

Music Librarian

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Jade Gregory
113B Biddle Music Building

Music Librarian

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Laura Williams
113 Biddle Music Building
Call me:(919) 660-5952
Subjects: Humanities, Music

Browsing in the Music Library Stacks

To find scores in the library catalog:

  • Search from the Music Library homepage. Click on the radio button for "Scores Only".
  • Keep your searches simple and specific to find the scores you need.  Do not include "number" "no." "op." "opus" etc. as these terms can vary.

Browsing Saxophone music in the Music Library:

  • M3 -- scholarly editions with critical commentary, shelved alphabetically by composer​​
  • M105--M109 -- Solo Saxophone
  • M268--M269 -- Saxophone and Piano
  • M288--M289 -- Duets for 2 wind instruments
  • M290--M291 -- Duets for wind and stringed instruments
  • M296--M297 -- Duets for wind and plucked instruments
  • M457.2 / M557.2 -- Woodwind quartets and quintets
  • M1304.S4--M1305.S4 -- Saxophone with Orchestra
  • M1134.S4--M1135.S4 -- Saxophone with String Orchestra
  • ML410 -- Composer biographies
  • ML418 -- Performer biographies
  • ML975--ML978 -- Books about the Saxophone
  • MT500--MT508 -- Saxophone studies and exercises

Saxophone and Saxophonist Research

Finding Articles about the Saxophone