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Writing 101 presented by Lee Sorensen: Writing Studio Links

Sarah Town - W 101


In addition to our individual services, we also provide group workshops on different aspects of the writing process. To see a list of upcoming workshops, or to sign up for a workshop, visit our website.

Working with Sources

Incorporating others' work into your own can be difficult, especially when you are not sure what the conventions are for locating and citing appropriate academic sources. These links can help:

Who We Are

The Writing Studio offers Duke University undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to meet with trained writing tutors to discuss individual writing concerns. As a studio, this is a place for you as an artist/writer to work on your art. By discussing your work-in-progress with a trained tutor, you will be better able to move toward developing the awareness and skills that will enable you to improve as a writer.

Graduate and postgraduate student tutors from a number of different disciplines staff the Writing Studio. We have several specially trained tutors who work with non-native speakers. Many of our tutors have had some experience serving as teaching assistants in their own departments, and others have had some tutoring experience as well. All tutors go through extensive on-going training. We are committed to providing you with the best help we can. Check out this video to find out more.

To schedule an appointment with a tutor, visit our website.

ESL/EFL Interest

Here are some online resources tailored to help EFL students adjust to the US academic writing environment and conventions.

Research Awards

Want $1000 for your research paper? Consider submitting it for consideration for the Aptman Prizes or Middlesworth Award.