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Visual Analysis of Nazi Propaganda

This learning module gives students practice in analyzing propaganda and understanding some basic principles of persuasion that are applicable to other persuasive media.

David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library


When historians explore the success of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei or Nazi Party, they often point to its ubiquitous and effective propaganda. Using visual imagery targeting men, women, and children, party loyalists presented a movement that appealed to fundamental values: love of country; physical strength and vigor; and deep-seated prejudice against individuals who did not conform to rigid notions of the ideal German citizen of the “Aryan race” due to their religion, race, sexual orientation, disabilities, or political leanings.    


Learning Objectives

By analyzing this collection of images, you will:

  • Characterize how the Nazi Party used imagery to gain followers.
  • Analyze and evaluate images.
  • Explain the ways propaganda of all kinds functions.