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Violin Resources: Studio Class Exercises

Links for Breakout Groups

Link to scans in Box: (note: available online until May 1, 2020)

Breakout Exercise

Evaluating Scores

Compare several differing editions of a score:
Breakout Room 1:  Béla Bartók Solo Sonata for Violin

Breakout Room 2:  Johannes Brahms Violin Concerto


Some criteria for evaluation:

  • How do these scores differ from one another?
  • What is the intended audience or purpose of each edition?
  • What are the editorial practices and principles of each score?
  • Can you tell who edited the score and what their qualifications are?

Other questions you might consider, as time allows:

  • How would you assess the copyright or fair use factors?
  • Where might you look for other editions or sources?