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Sidney Gamble Photographs, 1908-1932

Publications by Sidney Gamble

Peking: A Social Survey New York: George H. Doran Co., 1921.

Price, Wages, and The Standard of Living in Peking, 1900-1924 Coauthored with T'ien-pei Meng Peking (China): Peking Express Press, 1926.

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Household Accounts of Two Chinese Families New York: China Institute in America, 1931.

How Chinese Families Live in Peiping New York: Funk & Wagnalls, 1933.

"A Chinese Green Crop Society" in Essays in Social Economics Berkeley: University of California Press, 1936.

"The Disappearance of Foot-Binding in Ting Hsien" American Journal of Sociology 49 (September 1943): 181-83

"Daily Wages of Unskilled Chinese Laborers, 1807-1902" Far Eastern Quarterly 3 (November 1943): 41-52

"Hsin Chuang, A Study of Chinese Village Finance" Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 8 (March 1944): 1-33

"A Chinese Mutual Savings Society" Far Eastern Quarterly 4 (November 1944): 41-52

"Four Hundred Chinese Farms" Far Eastern Quarterly 4 (August 1945): 341-66

Ting Hsien: A North China Rural Community. New York: Institute of Pacific Relations, 1954.

North China Villages: Social, Political and Economic Activities Before 1933. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1963.

Chinese Village Plays Edited by Sidney D. Gamble Amersterdam: Philo Press, 1970.

北京的社会调查 Translation of Peking: A Social Survey by Yubing Chen Beijing: Zhongguo Shu Dian, 2010.二十五年来北京之物价工资及生活程度 Translation of Price, Wages, and The Standard of Living in Peking, 1900-1924 by Tianpei Meng. Beijing: Guo Li Beijing Da Xue Chu Ban Bu, 1926.

Research on Gamble & His Photographs

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