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Writing 101: Monkey Mindreading


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Perkins Library

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You were assigned to watch some Library 101 tutorial videos before our class meeting. Those and more useful resources can be found on the Library 101 page, also linked from the left sidebar.

For quick questions, you can chat with an on-call librarian here, and you're welcome to contact me for more in depth help.

Recommended Background Sources

A step better than general Google searching or Wikipedia, try...

The library has a variety of online reference works that may contain relevant articles, including...

Also try searching the library catalog. Very broad searches will yield very broad results, most of which will be irrelevant. Try to be specific, and once you find something relevant, it may lead you to additional relevant items (by the same author, in the same book series, with the same specific subject heading). For example, here's a search for books authored by Michael Tomasello that are available online (LINK). And here's a search for books with the exact phrase "comparative cognition" (LINK), which you might compare to this search for all items with the subject heading "Psychology, Comparative" (LINK).

Recommended Article Databases