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SOCIOL 361: Social Determinants of Health

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Making a Map

  1. Access SimplyAnalytics through link above or through Duke Library website. You will need to create a free account to be able to save maps and use full features. 
  2. Click "New Project" at the top of the page (you can rename it later).
  3. Search for a location. Enter Durham, NC, census tract, or block group # (if known).
  4. Check off "seed variables" of interest. You can keep the defaults and tweak later under "Data" tab. 
  5. Create project. 
  6. Edit variables on left under "Data"
  7. Toggle between different data views at the top of your map (ex. change variable, data unit, etc.)
  8. You can export maps and tables using the "Export" option in the top right when you're viewing your map/table.
  • TIP: IMPORTANT - Make sure your Legend is displaying Classification Method = "Quantiles (Local)"
  • TIP: Under "View Actions" check "Show Map Labels". This will let you see Block Group and Census Tract info. 
  • TIP: View by "Block Groups" to see the smallest level views of the data. Recommend Census Tracts in general.


Creating Reports & Comparison Tables

Under "New View" you have a lot of options in SimplyAnalytics to create different views of your data. Highly recommend the Comparison Table and Ranking Table.