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WE are Queering Duke and Durham

Your Facilitators

JP Barringer, Trinity 2021 (

Amy McDonald, Assistant University Archivist (

Laura Micham, Curator, Gender and Sexuality History Collections and Director, Sallie Bingham Center for Women's History and Culture, Rubenstein Library (


Front cover of the Fall 2010 issue of Womyn: The Queer Experience featuring an illustration of the Lady Blue Devil taken from a 1970s brochure about Duke's women's athletics program.This session traces the rich history of LGBTQIA+ communities at Duke and in Durham. From the formation of the Duke Gay Alliance in 1972 to the ongoing work of Southerners on New Ground (SONG), queer people on and off campus have created socially, spiritually, and politically active communities for many years. 

In this session, participants will explore these communities through their newsletters, magazines, and other publications.

Our Program:

  • Introduction and mood check (10 minutes)
  • Icebreaker discussion: how would you document Coming Out Day? (5 minutes) What things would you save to document your Coming Out Day experience? Feel free to unmute yourself and share, or you can share your ideas in the chat. 
  • Let's explore queer publications! (35 minutes including discussion) We will take some time to look at newsletters, magazines, and other publications of LGBTQIA+ people at Duke and around Durham. In this activity we have some questions and prompts to guide your exploration and we hope that the materials inspire you to consider your own queer history. 
  • Let's reflect! (30 minutes including discussion) Let's make a make a zine together! Grab a piece of paper and pen, or open a google doc or text app. Write and/or draw your reaction to the magazines, newsletters, and other publications you explored today. Please consider sharing your page with us so that we can put them together to create a zine documenting this session and your place in Duke and Durham queer history.
  • Final thoughts, questions, and mood check (10 minutes)