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Politics of the Arts: Orientation

Prof. Rogerson's Duke in Venice summer program

Living @ VIU

Island travel

Get a vaporetto schedule for San Servolo--San Zaccharia. The boats run on time, and if you miss one, you will have to wait 30 mins. to an hour (evenings).

If the boat stops at San Servolo to let people off, but won't let you on--don't worry. It will go to San Lazzaro, a monastery, then return.


1st floor Palazzino 12, "living area": hot plates, refrigerators, sink. *Housekeeping does not clean this area--clean up your own messes promptly*


1st floor Palazzino 12, down the right side hall

wash €2, dry €1

iron available

Creative Research

If you have technical problems accessing the Duke Libraries' databases recommended on this guide, try these solutions:

Connectivity in the VIU dorms

You will need an ethernet cable (your own, or buy one at Reception for €6). 

Also, buy a San Servolo card at Reception (€5) to get Internet access in the dorms plus discounts in Venice.

No Duke database access?

I have marked free Web sources in this guide with *

See also the Explore & Share box on this page for sites added to my delicious library.

If you use other free Web sources, please apply your critical thinking skills to ascertain whether they are authoritative. Here are some tips for evaluating Web sites:

explore & share

Here's a feed to my delicious library. I will tag resources I find as politics_arts. Tell me what you find and I'll add it to the library.

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