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SOCIOL 342D: Organizations and Global Competitiveness: Overview

Prof. Gereffi


This subject guide identifies information resources that help research how companies, governments, and societies respond strategically to the competitive environment of a globalizing economy.  The research typically delineates supply chains or value chains within the structure of particular industries.

This guide is designed for use by students within the Markets & Management Studies program at Duke and by researchers in Duke's Center on Globalization, Governance & Competitiveness.

Getting Started

Center on Globalization, Governance & Competitiveness

Become familiar with the resources and examples on the web pages of Duke's Center on Globalization, Governance & Competitiveness.

Duke Libraries Website

Become familiar with the Duke Libraries homepage ( especially the options in the blue search box.

  • The Books & More tab searches the library catalog for the holdings of all of the libraries at Duke. You can filter your results by the facet in the left column, or by using the "Search within results" checkbox to qualify your search. You can also use the Advanced Search option to narrow your search.. 
  • The Articles tab searches across a pre-selected set of journals and periodicals. It may be good for interdisciplinary topics, when it's not obvious which reseach database (see below) to use.
  • The All tab enables umbrella searches not only for books in the library catalog, but also articles in journals and newspapers across a pre-selected set of databases.
  • The eBooks and Search Journal Titles links lead to publications (not to articles or chapters) to which the Duke Libraries provide electronic access. Note that these are also available from the regular catalog (Books & More tab).
  • The Research Databases link leads you to the customized interfaces of specialized databases like ABI/Inform or Standartd & Poors Net Advantage, many of which are not included in the cross-database searches under the Articles or All tabs. Some of these databases are described elsewhere in this subject guide. Expand on the Databases by Subject listings to find concise lists of recommended databases by subject.

Subjects Headings in the Library Catalog

Many headings for specific industries such as "textile industry," "clothing trade," "computer industry," or "automobile industry and trade" can be used by selecting the Subject heading search type. The term "competition" is the subject heading that encompasses the concept of "competitiveness": e.g., Competition, International.

If you find a title that's useful, look at the Subjects assigned to it and click on them to find more material assigned the same subject.

Doing a Subject heading search for "Globalization" will produce a very useful list of subheadings, like "economic aspects" or "social aspects," and regions.  For example:

Subject Guide

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