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History of Europe: Microhistory

Professor Robisheaux

Worldcat Subjects

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Subject Heading:  Trials 

Here are entered proceedings of, and works on, trials in general.

  • Proceedings of, and works on, particular types of civil or criminal trials in general are entered under the heading; 
    Trials ([topic]),
    e.g. Trials (Divorce)
    Trials (Forgery).  
  • Similar works on individual criminal trials are entered under the name of the defendant with the subdivision 
    Trials, litigation, etc.,  
    or under the heading for the trial.
  • An additional subject entry is made under the heading 
    Trials ([type of crime])--[place],  
    e.g. 1. Kidd, William, d. 1701--Trials, litigation, etc.
    2. Trials (Piracy)--England--London 

    1. Chicago Seven Trial, Chicago, Ill., 1969-1970.
    2. Trials (Conspiracy)--Illinois--Chicago. 
  • Works on the verbatim records of trial proceedings are entered under Trial transcripts.  
  • subdivision Trials, litigation, etc.  under names of individual persons, corporate bodies, or jurisdictions
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Legal Histories

It is important to identify the correct historical terms (including in the original language) for legal institutions; the term can be used as keyword, subject or author; the legal histories below will help:


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